What are the different types of airliners

An airliner is a type of aircraft for transporting multiple passengers and air cargo in commercial service and used in-flight activity for compensation or hire. Such types are most often operated by airline companies and assessed by the State Tax Commission. This aircraft category is divided into four main types :


Also known as single-aisle aircraft refers to an airliner that has a single aisle of seats. It typically has two to six seats per row. the Boeing 757–300 has the highest seating capacity of a narrow-body aircraft that can transport 295 passengers. 

Boeing 757–300


Also known as a twin-aisle aircraft is an airplane with a wide fuselage they were originally designed for a combination of efficiency and passenger comfort and to increase the amount of cargo space. However, airlines quickly gave in to economic factors by reducing the extra passenger space to insert more seats and increase revenue and profits. they have the capacity to accommodate two passenger aisles and to carry 200 to 850 passengers, they usually have two cabins or more with a combination of one Economy Class cabin and one or more Business Class, First Class, or Premium Economy cabins. This type of airliner aircraft is almost always used to operate long-haul and medium-haul flights and can occasionally be used on shorter flights. It is also used for the transport of commercial freight and cargo.  The first was the Boeing 747.

Boeing 747
Seat layout for a Boeing 747-400


Also known as a feeder liner it is used by airlines operating regional flights they are used for short-haul flights, often within a country or a certain area of a continent. These jets usually have less than 150 seats and are typically produced by aircraft manufacturers that specialize in making smaller aircraft.  such as Embraer, Bombardier and Fokker.

bombardier crj 900
The Bombardier CRJ900


They are twin turboprops airplanes that can be used as air taxis with the capacity of carrying up to 19 passengers, covering distances between smaller regional airports, and connecting communities such as those living on islands, thanks to their shorter take-off and landing capability. This type of airliner could reintroduce flight for short-haul distances, reinvigorate smaller airports and offer easily accessible and financially viable air transport to society.

Commuter airplane
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