The World’s Ten Most Advanced Military Drones

Impressive unmanned aerial vehicles of different types, equipped with artificial intelligence are the most advanced military drones in the world, capable of flying at high altitudes and carrying out multiple types of missions. They are currently in service in armies around the world. These are the most advanced military drones in the world:

10. Bayraktar 782

The Bayraktar 782 is a multi-purpose drone with great autonomy that has been manufactured in Turkey. It can perform intelligence surveillance or reconnaissance missions and measures 6.5 meters in length and 12 meters in wing span. It has a maximum take-off weight of 700 kilos and a load capacity of 150 kilos. This Turkish drone has one engine with 100 horsepower and can reach a speed of 220 km per hour, it can fly at an altitude of 8000 m and has had a range of 27 hours. It has been in use in the armed forces of Turkey since 2014 and other countries such as Qatar and Ukraine.

Bayraktar 782

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