Qatar Airways reduces 18 destinations as the World Cup approaches

The event of world cup approaches, which will be taking place in the hosting state of Qatar from November 20th to December 18th of this year. The tournament features participants from 32 countries, with bouts taking place across eight stadiums in central Doha and the state of Qatar anticipates receiving over 1.2 million tourists for the athletic event.

On October 18, the CEO of  Qatar airways, Akbar Al Baker confirmed the news to reporters in Doha that Qatar Airways has reduced its flight schedule to 18 destinations ahead of the FIFA World Cup and the objective now was to handle the hundreds of extra planes coming in Doha for the event. Al Baker did not specify which airports were affected, but prior reports indicated that flights to Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and India were the most disrupted.

“We have reduced and withdrawn from 18 destinations in order to make space at Hamad international airport to bring fans,” he said

Meanwhile, between November 1 and December 23, Qatar would only let non-citizens and residents with a Haya permit access stadiums in the country. Regular tourist and other visa entry will resume on December 23. Nonetheless, Al Baker anticipates 500 shuttle flights each day over the season and hundreds more charter flights and private planes.

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