Hydrogen-powered planes: could be the future of flights

What are the difficulties and monetary risks of expanding hydrogen technology?

There are several obstacles to get through before takeoff is feasible when switching to hydrogen as an aviation fuel. As a disruptive breakthrough, it will need substantial research and development, investment from government and business, and regulation to guarantee that hydrogen-powered infrastructure and aircraft are safe, economical, and environmentally beneficial.

Josef Kallo declares that to impart knowledge of the system’s design with the appropriate functionality to the finished result. It will require extensive fuel and engine component development. Small parts like contacts, breakers, cables with the proper insulation and shielding, the proper communications parts, bus information, and stability are some of the difficulties. These are the problems; the fuel cell is not the cause.
The financial risk is determining how to design the proper component that can be certified and will be used in a product.


What are the next steps in the HY4 project?

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