How to become a qualified aeronautical technician

Job Description for an Aeronautical Technician

Today, we consider planes the world’s safest mode of transportation. Each aircraft concludes so many advanced and complex systems that need to be entertained by qualified technicians to maintain the high availability of aircraft.

Aeronautical technician jobs include several specializations, such as airframe mechanics, power-plant mechanics, combined airframe and power-plant mechanics (commonly known as A&P mechanics), and avionics technicians.

As these specializations differ, the responsibilities and the tasks assigned to the aeronautical technician differ too.  

Some aeronautical technicians perform regularly scheduled inspection, repair, and testing on aircraft as required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Others investigate problems reported by crewmembers that pertain to a plane’s mechanical functions and/or safety concerns and they are also responsible for analyzing, and troubleshooting different aircraft equipment. Still, other aeronautic technicians work only on particular types of aircraft, such as jets, propeller planes, or helicopters. Aeronautical technicians’ tools include precision instruments to measure parts for wear, X-rays to find hidden defects, and welding tools to repair sheet metal.

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