How to become a qualified aeronautical technician

EASA PART66 aircraft maintenance license: Training to become a qualified aeronautical technician

What is the Part 66 license?

The PART 66 license is the official European document issued by OSAC (organization for the safety of civil aviation) under the authority of EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and allows any aeronautical technician to operate within an aviation company.

It is obtained within a PART 147 approved organization (standard for EASA aeronautical training centers) by justifying theoretical training and regulatory practices.

There are different types of aeronautical licenses:

Maintenance of turbine aircraft: A1 and B1.1 licenses

Maintenance of piston-engine aircraft: A2 and B1.2 licenses

Maintenance of turbine helicopters: A3 and B1.3 licenses

Maintenance of piston engine helicopters: B4 and B1.4 licenses

Avionics: B2 License

Light aviation (less than 2 tonnes): B3 license.

Why EASA PART-66 License is important ?

According to the current rules, a Part-66 license is required for:

  • Certifying the release to service of maintenance of an aircraft;
  • work in maintenance organizations as support staff.

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