Auto dependent surveillance broadcast (ADS-B)

ADS-B: the future of the transponder and the replacement for radar Collision avoidance is a significant part of the Federal ...
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airplane landing

What Is Microwave Landing System MLS?

The microwave landing system (MLS) has been developed to overcome some of the problems and limitations associated with the ILS ...
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How does an airplane land using ILS?

INSTRUMENT LANDING SYSTEM The instrument landing system (ILS) was developed as a result of the need for a method whereby ...
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Airplane automatic direction finder system- ADF

Since before World War II ADF equipment has been used on aircraft as an aid to navigation. The function of an ...
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airplane navigation

How does an airplane’s navigation system work?

Have you ever wondered how pilots know where they are going? Airplanes travel thousands of miles across the sky, and ...
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identification friend or foe

How an airplane is identified when it enters any country airspace?

Transponder for aircraft identification In aeronautics, planes have transponders to help with their identification by radars and also as a ...
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Why is communication important in aviation?

The use of radio equipment and avionics, in general, has increased markedly for all types of aircraft during the past ...
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aircraft navigation

what are the types of aeronautical navigation?

At the beginning of aviation, navigation was done by sight. In the event of degraded visibility conditions, aeronautical headlights marked ...
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